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Custom LED lighting portfolio

In addition to developing our line of LED lighting products for home and indoor farm use, we also offer consultation and custom design services for indoor growers. With over 15 years combined experience in photosynthesis research, design of horticultural LED systems, and hydroponic horticulture, we are here to help with your existing or planned grow system.


Each horticultural operation requires a different approach to lighting, nutrient and water provision, and climate control. We offer custom design services for several types of installation: greenhouse supplemental lighting, indoor primary lighting, and hydroponics systems. Hydroponics systems may be installed indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse setting. Whether an installation is a large farm or a backyard garden, we will help you to maximize your yield in whatever space you have available.


Custom Lettuce Retrofit System

Blue light boosts healthy antioxidants and growing under constant light reduces the accumulation of unhealthy nitrates. We built these custom 10-foot-long blue/white lettuce lights for a greenhouse hydroponic system in Hamilton Farms, St. Louis. 


Deep Water Hydroponic Lettuce

Salad is always better when it’s fresh, and it doesn’t get any more fresh than right from your own home. When growing your own salads indoors under artificial light, hydroponics is one of the easiest and most productive approaches to lettuce growing. The LEDs shown here have been developed by E2P specifically for short, bushy lettuce.

These lettuce plants have grown under 100% LED illumination in a deep water culture hydroponic system, and are ready for harvest. 


Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting seeds indoors is an important step to increasing yields of outdoor gardens in temperate climates. By starting your seeds in the warm safety of your home a few weeks before the last frost, you give your garden plants a head start that can lead to earlier blooming, fruitset, and of course, harvests. However, a poor lighting system can cause seedlings to be weak and spindly, and many of these benefits could be sacrificed. That’s why we’ve designed several systems to improve our seedlings’ health and viability during their early start.


LED wire shelving

For some with a green thumb, houseplants can outnumber windowsill spots in a hurry.  Above is an example of a custom low-cost yet efficient light rack system for houseplants in a space with very little natural light. The assembly uses high-quality Samsung LED strips combined with a customized power supply to deliver bright, even illumination over 5 of the shelves. On top, a commercial LED overhead light system is installed for additional capacity.


Liquid-cooled LEDs for Large Indoor Plants

Not all horticultural lighting needs can be met using out-of-the-box technologies. That’s why at E2P we emphasize individuality in custom designs to meet a particular customer need. Take this liquid-cooled ceiling-mounted system for large houseplants (below). The requirements for the system were that it be quiet, efficient, produce an optically-pleasing white light, and be powerful enough to keep these large fig trees and other frost-sensitive specimens alive through the Missouri winter while still fitting within the small space allotted and keeping initial costs low. This system delivers on all of these requirements, and has worked excellently through two winters straight. The modular system can be configured in several different ways to adapt to various spaces.


Lighting Control Panels

This simple control panel was developed for our Hamilton Farms system. It allows you to adjust the amount of blue and white light on each shelf. Harvest mode dims the lights to a comfortable level with a simple switch. This way, an operator won't have to stare into the blue LEDs when it's time to harvest the plants. 


Blue-Enriched Lettuce Light

A blue-enriched custom lighting array has driven rapid growth and coloration of lettuce seedlings. The seedlings will be transplanted into other hydroponics systems, like the the deep water system below.

GrowCabinet LED Image.png

Wooden Grow Cabinets

This wooden grow cabinet serves as an attractive TV stand while also providing efficient and bright LED light for strong, healthy seedlings. We can design and construct such systems using the dimensions ideal for your home and your gardening needs. This unit allows seedlings to benefit from the warm temperatures of inhabited spaces while keeping the light in, minimizing the impact on comfortable use of the space.


Healthier antioxidants with blue light

Blue light boosts healthy antioxidants. Antioxidants protect our cells from damage by free radicals, molecules which may lead to cancer, heart disease, and may accelerate aging. Supplemental blue light can enhance the nutritional value of lettuce by encouraging the production of carotenoids, polyphenols, antioxidants. 


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