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GP Light

41W All-purpose Luminaire



Power: 41W
Light Color: White and Red

LED: CREE XP-G3 and J-series
PPF: 100 μmol/s (dimmable)
Cooling: Passive or liquid

Size: 6” x 24" x 1.25”
Power Supply: External Mean Well PSU

The GP light by Engine 2 Photonics emphasizes flexibility for any cultivation space, regardless of the crop. From leafy greens to fruiting plants such as tomatoes and peppers, the full-spectrum GP light provides a seed to harvest lighting solution. Each 41W unit can operate on its own or as group of units running from a single power supply. This gives the GP light the flexibility to be used in lower intensity vertical farming settings, as well as high-intensity toplighting applications. The GP lights are compatible with analog dimming through a provided Mean Well power supply.

The GP light can be passively cooled from the provided heatsink or liquid cooled by fitting 1/2" copper pipe along groove of the heatsink. Liquid cooling provides the additional ability to remove the luminaire heat from the facility when needed. Additionally, the GP light heatsink features a t-slot mounting system for compatibility a variety of racking systems.

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