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8W USB Grow Light

The uGrow2.1 is an 8 watt, 1350 lumen USB-powered mini grow light. The device can be affixed to any horizontal surface, such as the bottom of kitchen cabinets, a wire rack, or the shelves in a bookshelf, using the included magnetic strips or adhesive. The uGrow2.1, itself no larger than a TV remote, produces the perfect amount of light for a square foot of medium sized houseplants and herbs. For more light, multiple uGrow2.1 units can be placed side-by-side, producing enough light for an entire shelf of lettuce or herbs. With the availability of 6-port USB chargers, six uGrow2.1s can be driven off a single supply the size of a deck of cards.


The uGrow2.1 isn’t just for plants, though. This bright LED light is also great for camping, task lighting at home, under cabinet lighting, reading, power outages, roadside emergency lighting, and more. Any portable USB battery pack that can produce 1.6 amps or more can be used to drive the uGrow2.1, so it’s great when you need a lot of light on the go.


Power Source: USB2.0 or higher

Voltage: 5V

Current: 1.6A (1600 mA)

Brightness: 1350 lumens

PPF: 17.64 μmol/s

Light Color: Cool White

LED: 24 Samsung LM561C

Size: 6”x2”x1.25”

An 11-day time lapse of lettuce grown with the μGrow.

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