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From seedlings to small trees: a μGrow 2.1 growing showcase

We're super excited about launching our μGrow 2.1. The potential to use home-grown herbs in your cooking, even during the winter, is a huge plus. Eleven days ago we started some seedlings for various culinary herbs in moist soil pots. This was a no-frills grow: just seeds sprinkled onto the soil and placed under a μGrow 2.1 unit. Most of these seeds have germinated in the eleven days since, except for the stubborn tarragon. Here's an example of what they look like:

Above you can see some cilantro, green and red basil, as well as curly parsley seedlings. The parsley was the slowpoke here and took a little longer to germinate than the others. Below you can see the dill, much of which is still trying to liberate itself from its husk, along with some chamomile seedlings. Hopefully the tarragon will pop up soon....

On the top right is some catnip for our feline friends. Though started several days earlier than the rest of the herbs, it's still growing vigorously under the μGrow 2.1. If that catnip starts trying to shade its herbaceous neighbors, we're going to have to move it to its own milk crate (or perhaps keep it in check via feline snacking).

Our Kickstarter campaign also featured a small Norfolk Island pine tree that was being illuminated by a pair of μGrow prototypes. It was interesting to check back on that picture of the tree from the campaign launch and see how much it has grown under these USB-powerd lights. Just for reference, here is the picture of the tree from the kickstarter campaign (around November 18, 2019):

The top "layer" of leaves (whorl) was young back then, and still developing. After a few months, this tree has gotten quite a bit larger!

The fourth whorl has gotten much more developed, the tree has grown taller, and now it's working on its fifth whorl! It almost looks like a little palm tree sitting atop the pine. If you look really closely, you can see the little branches on the fifth whorl are starting to appear. Let's zoom in a little bit, can you see them now?

We'd be really interested in seeing what kind of crazy plants our backers can grow under this little USB powerhouse. Until then, we'll keep our eyes on this here pine tree.

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