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  • Rafael, Ben, and Zuzana

Why Engine 2 Photonics?

We often get asked what the name means. You see, when we started our company, we thought "we're innovators in St. Louis, solving technical problems. We want a name that reflects that." Well, if you look in the history books, you'll see another innovative St. Louis company: McDonnell-Douglas, now Boeing. In the 1970s, Douglas had a problem: 2-engine jets weren't allowed to fly over open ocean, but 4-engine planes are inefficient. So Douglas asked, "Why not 3 engines?" Well, that turns out to pose major technological challenges! By using a tail-mounted engine, called Engine 2, they solved the problem and created the DC-10, a successful aircraft still in the sky today. We were inspired by that innovative spirit and problem-solving resolve, and picked a name that reflected that amazing design.

The prototype of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 photographed upon landing (Photo: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive)

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